Photo Exhibition


On Saturday I visited a photo exhibition in Milan by Steve McCurry. I don’t have much to say except for the fact that everything was great: the pictures were really touching and the music in the background perfect. I know art makes people emotional, but this particular exhibition had the power to almolst make me cry.

“From these hands, a journey along the coffee trail” was the title of the show and it was in collaboration with the Italian brand Lavazza Caffè. The idea revolved around the countries which manufacture coffee and around the labour of their people. Steve McCurry is a great photographer and he managed to describe through his pictures the coffee journey from the very beginning and the personal stories of the people who live in these countries.


The photos I liked the most were the portraits: they were so intense and the eyes so full of hope and life that I felt a shiver in my body. The colors were really bright and poignant and the atmosphere really cosy. It was like everything was right where it was.


I am so happy I went there, I almost didn’t want to go away because the beauty that the pictures radiated was amazing. I think it’s shocking when art makes you feel full and satisfied and almost out of this world thanks to its beauty.

The exhibition was also really quite: nobody had the force to speak because every picture was so self-explanatory that silence was the only right answer.


Photos: Steve McCurry


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