Heya Liverpool!

Hi everyone!

I’m back again, finally! I’m really sorry I completely disappeared for months (ehm an entire year), but I was super-busy with university and I didn’t have any time to carry on my little blog. But now, since summer has started, I’m back again and this time I promise I’ll stay for a bit longer! In the meantime, I am trying to modernize my blog and make it a little nicer, so I hope you’ll like it after!

Anyway, in this article I want to talk about my little trip to Liverpool. Since I’m studying at Lancaster, before coming back to Italy to enjoy the beautiful sun, I went to Liverpool for a weekend with a friend. It was a very nice experience, even though the weather was pretty awful both days (well, that’s England!), so I though it could be nice to share a couple of things we did with you!


The first day we arrived was a Saturday and since the weather seemed not too bad, we decided to go to the Docks and have a walk around there and get a coffee. I really liked there: nice atmosphere and very enjoyable place to spend an afternoon with friends. Unfortunately, because of the weather everything seemed a little bit too grey, but it is definitely a place worth visiting.


Then, when it started raining we decided to visit the beautiful Museum of Liverpool and I have to say that it is incredible! There are three floors full of history about Liverpool and Britain, from the Railway to the Beatles, and I really liked the interactivity of the museum. So if you’re around Liverpool, my advice is to spend a couple of hours walking around this place which is completely free to enter.

On the next day my friend and I walked around Liverpool and then we visited the Walker Art Gallery, one of the biggest art collection in Britain. The collection is vast and it includes: decorative art, fashion, paintings, sculptures and video and installations. For me, the best room of the Gallery is the one dedicated to the Greek sculpture: a room full of beautiful white marble sculptures located all around the space. A true paradise for every art lover!


Finally, after a long day of walking we decided to get ourselves a reward and we stopped at a very nice cafè. I always like sitting in cafès and watching people passing by while enjoying a nice Cappuccino and a massive slice of cake


And that was it. I hope you liked this little insight into my trip to Liverpool and I advice everyone close by to pay a visit, even for one day, because it’s a very nice place to spend a day off and relax!

Thank you for reading and see you next time,




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