Think like an Artist!

Hey guys! I’m back this week (I know, I should have been back last week as well, but I was super busy!) with a new post about a book I read recently. I was thinking of creating a sort of book club, a small place where I can share every two weeks the last book I read and liked. I love reading and I usually read so many books over summer, so why not sharing them?

This week I’m gonna talk about a book about art called “Think Like an Artist”. The author is Will Gompertz, the BBC’s art editor. I saw the book while I was in Liverpool with my friend at the Shop of the Tate Museum and I was truly caught by it!

It’s not a story, but it is a book made of chapters that explain how to be more creative and artistic in our everyday life. We all need a little bit more of creativity and freedom, but it’s not so easy to know how to achieve it. In the introduction, the first sentence says “We are all artists” and that’s absolutely true! We can all be creative and artistic in many different ways, the only problem is only to understand how.


The book gives the reader a new way of looking at artists: they are normal people too, like every of us. We usually think artists live in their own world, but the truth is that they live in the same world as us, but they are able to perceive the world differently and be brave.

My favorite chapter is the fourth one about the idea that artists steal. It may seem impossible or weird, but this is the reality: artists steal from other artists, get inspiration and transform it into something different, that none thought of before. They are able of combining elements that might appear completely one the opposite of the other and then generate ideas, valuable ideas. The main concept is that creativity doesn’t need something that is completely new, but simply someone who can look further than anyone else.



What I liked about the book is the way of explaining concepts very clearly and using real examples of many different, known and unknown, artists. This is really helpful for readers like me to understand that what the writer is writing about is not crap, but mere reality and so me too I can have a chance of being more creative. I mean, if Picasso made it starting from being an unknown Spanish artist, nothing is so impossible.

Finally, I appreciated the presence of colored pictures at the end of the book that are used to reference some details the writer talked about in the book. Here you can admire the artworks by Caravaggio or “The Girl with a Pearl Earring”, the development of the linear perspective or the “Self Portrait” by Rembrandt.






So guys, I hope you liked my small review about “Think like an Artist” and let me know what you think about it if it happens you read it!

See you and have a nice week,




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