Let’s pack

Hey guys, finally it’s time for holidays! I’ve been packing these last two days because tonight I’m leaving for Croatia. I’ve never been there and I’m really excited to spend a nice week with my boyfriend and friends, relaxing and having fun together.

Since I travel quite a lot I have to pack quite a lot and I became quite skilled handling my suitcase. Usually I fly, so I cannot bring too much stuff and I always have to leave something home. This time, since we’re gonna go by car, I can bring pretty much everything I want and this is really great!

In this post I want to share with you a way for packing in peace because I know that packing is most of the time stressful for many people. But it doesn’t have to be like that, seriously. Packing can be relaxing if taken in the right way. So…let’s start!

First, it is important to create the right atmosphere for packing. Personally, I really like to light up some candles (these days I’m using vanilla candles), put some music on (you can choose on the infinite list on Spotify), prepare a nice smoothie  (mine is a mixture of peach, watermelon and ginger) and get some nice chocolate. In this way, you have a gentle start that gets you into the right mood. Once you’ve done that, you can start with writing a list of things that you want to bring with you. I usually make two lists, one for the big suitcase and one for my personal bag.



SUITCASE: If you’re going on holiday in summer, always remember to bring suncreams, a swimsuit and sunglasses in your suitcase. Once you have these three items. you’re ready for everything! Mine is quite big for just one week, but I didn’t want to limit myself with clothes or shoes (for once I don’t have to mind about the weight, it’s better to take advantage of it).


Now, once we’re done with the suitcase, it’s time to think about your hand luggage. This time I opted for my small Armani bag ’cause it’s very spacious and handy. What to bring with you? First, it is essential to remember the documents and some money. Then, you can start thinking of all other things you might need. In my bag I put my make-up case, a bottle of water, my phone, my camera, all the charges, a book , a notebook to write down all my thoughts and a nice headband. I don’t want it to be too heavy, so I just put the basic stuff in it.

Well, at this point you’re more or less ready for leaving! Don’t forget to plan your travel outfit the day before, so you don’t panic when you actually wake up and have to leave. I hope you enjoyed this little piece of advice and let me know if you  have something that you always bring with you when you travel. So guys, it’s time to say goodbye for now and see you in a week, with a lot more to tell and share with you. Wish you all a wonderful holiday if you haven’t been anywhere yet and see you in a bit.

Giulia xx


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