Well deserved relax

Heya everyone, how’s life going?

I am pretty tired. Seriously guys, I’m super tired. These first couple of weeks at uni have been so hectic and I feel as I need to refuel a bit but there’s still so much  I have to do, so I won’t have time to stop and relax until Christmas holidays. I guess it’s life, but it’s all good because I won’t have any chance to feel bored. But this is also why while I was scrolling down the pictures on my phone and I happened to the ones I took when I was at the Milan hot springs I started daydreaming. After a good ten minutes of staring at the pictures I decided that I couldn’t do it anymore (it was too painful) and I took action. I put down my phone and got to my readings again. But while I was doing it, I actually thought it would be a good idea to share my experience with you guys here on the blog and let you know how great the hot springs are.

Address QC Terme Milano: Piazzale Medaglie D’Oro 2, Milan

The hot springs are called QC Terme Milano and they are placed close to Porta Romana underground station. It is easier and quicker to get there by tube than by car. It was my second time there so I knew what to expect. My boyfriend and I arrived around 9 am (tip: make sure you book in advance if it’s a weekend) and we could enjoy a very tasty and healthy breakfast before diving into a relaxing day. There are not too many facilities because the structure is not too big, but it is very well designed and comfortable. Outside there are around three/four hot water pools where you can enjoy whirlpools and small waterfalls. There is also the so called ‘Wellness Tram’ which is an old city tram wagon transformed into a very nice bio-sauna. It is very quiet and cozy inside it. As you exit the wagon, a marble bath tub full of very cold water is waiting for you to tone your muscles up. In the space outside there are also some aromatic plants and places to sit down and chill.

Inside, there are no pools but only relaxing rooms, saunas and steam baths (not a huge fun of them, seriously too hot). Personally, my favorite space is the  ‘Room of the fire’ where there are some big and very comfortable nests where you can lie down and enjoy the silence. If you are more a water person, don’t worry because there are also two rooms with a water theme where you can lie down on a wobbly waterbed. To finish, you can book some beauty events that will clean and energize your skin.



The best part of the Terme (nice Italian name for hot springs) is without any doubt the light buffet where you can find all the healthy but tasty things such as vegetables, fruits, cookies, honey and chocolate breadsticks (literally in love with them). Ah we can’t forget the lovely vanilla yoghurt with granola. I would live on those if I could. And the most joyful part is that the buffet will be there for the entire day which means you’re allowed to eat at whatever hour you want without judgement. Love it. If you’re not happy with the buffet you can even order sushi (as we did) or pasta. There’s plenty of choice.


I really enjoyed my day at the Terme ad even if I felt very tired when I got home I was actually very relaxed and distressed. A day like this is something that I need every now and then to recharge my batteries and move on to the next big thing. Now I can just crave it while I am watching the winter soon approaching and the cold getting harsher every day. Oh well I will treat myself with a good cinnamon hot chocolate and a Grey’s Anatomy episode.

Good night guys, sleep tight 🙂



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