Beautiful and Christmassy Milan

Hello lovelies,

It’s almost Christmas, isn’t it? I love this period of the year: everything looks so glittery, the atmosphere is warm and cozy and families finally get together after one year without almost seeing each other. I have just come back few days ago from England and I found Milan colder and obviously, foggy. Anyway, I am really happy to be home with my family and old friends. A couple of days ago I wandered around to buy the last presents and I found the city more beautiful than ever. So here are just few tips if you are gonna spend a weekend in Milan around Christmas time.

  1. Look at the Duomo: the beauty of the cathedral leaves people speechless. Seriously. Even if you live in Milan or you pass by every day to go to work, in winter the atmosphere gets really fascinating. The fog creates an air of mystery around the Duomo and the square, the colorful glass windows of the Duomo are visible from the outside while you are walking down the main road and the gold ‘Madunina’ glimmers in the dark. I swear you just want to sit in front of the church and stare at it for hours and hours. Nothing more.
  2. Look at the Christmas tree: okay, we all love Christmas trees, right? I mean, who doesn’t? They are the symbol of Christmas and donate a sensation of joy whenever they are around. It is even better when they are big and glittery. That is why you should stop in front of the tree in Piazza Duomo and simply admire it. Maybe with a hot chocolate and a friend, just before walking around the lovely Christmas market right close to it. Oh, I love Christmas!


  1. Go for a walk in Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II: so, the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II was called the ‘Salotto dei Milanesi’ many years ago because it was the place where people from Milan and the suburbs used to go on a Sunday afternoon to have a stroll around and window shopping, sitting in a café and chatting with friends. Today, it is mainly a posh place, where expensive restaurants and luxury brands attract curious tourists. However, it is still a lovely place to go to have a look around the shops, enter in the beautiful bookstore close to Piazza della Scala and most importantly, during Christmas, admire the beautiful tree by Swarovski and the stunning lights on the ceiling of the Galleria. Oh my, they are so beautiful that you would just sit there and watch them forever. Seriously. Judge by yourself.


  1. Look at La Rinascente: this is a very famous multi brand shop which is a symbol of Milan. There is a bit of everything, from clothing to toys, from gadgets to cosmetics. It is worth to take it into consideration for two reasons: first, there is an adorable terrace on the last floor which is a restaurant/cafè (perfect for a break during the hectic shopping days) where you can see the city and the Duomo from above. Second, they design wonderful and very creative shop windows that look like artworks. And over Christmas it is even better because they set up a multitude of lights on the facade of the building and this year even a waterfall of lights right in front of the entrance in the gallery. Beautiful.
  1. Pop into a Laudurée shop: okay, so if there is something I really really love is to buy a macaron from Ladurée. As you enter the shop, it feels like Alice entering wonderland: countless types of macarons in light colours and chocolate in cute forms welcome you as you open the door. If you had a tough day at work or you simply need to buy the last present for someone you love, Ladurée in Via Spader 6 is always a good idea. They have the best macarons in town with the best flavors and colours. So don’t hesitate to pop into the shop and treat yourself. It’s Christmas time, after all!


After a lovely day in Milan I felt relaxed and excited to celebrate Christmas with all good food and good company. Oh Milan is always Milan. I missed it so much and it always feels great to come back to my city.

Have a lovely Christmas full of love and laughs and a fun Boxing Day with all your loved ones,




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