About resolutions, about life

Hello lovelies,

finally the end of the term. This means I have done all my assignments (most of them at least) and I can go home to enjoy the joyful Christmas atmosphere. It’s just one week to go before Christmas day and I still have to do most of my presents. This is because I have been so busy in the past few weeks that I couldn’t manage to do everything and now I kind of start panicking. But I am sure I will be fine cause tomorrow I’m gonna fly home and I will still have some time to put up the Christmas tree and find the right gifts for everyone.

This term at Uni has been pretty tough, but it also taught me a couple of important things that I would like to share with you:

  1. Balance your life: it is fine studying or working, but it is also important to take time for yourself everyday to enjoy life or even better, do everything you have to do while enjoying life. I know it sound cliché and everything, but it is actually the secret for happiness. Just laugh, hang out with friends or watch the video of your favorite vlogger in your free time and make your studying/working enjoyable. In summary, look at the positive side of things and do something to improve the quality of your life.
  2. Be determined: determination is what gets you there. Truly. I am a huge fun of determination because I do believe that only if you are well determined to reach a goal, you will actually reach it. You have to fight, to lose sometimes and put the pieces back together. But no matter what happens, only if you are determined to reach the goal, to win, you will get at least close to it. None has ever got something simply by wishing for it and not taking action. So be strong. Try hard. And start playing. Check out this Asics advert to give you some motivation!
  3. Make the most out of opportunities: I have just realized how great it is to have choices and opportunities. They are all around us and sometimes we even face them but we not seize them completely. Sometimes it is because we are fearful or scared, or maybe because we are not confident or we think we don’t really care, but in fact we actually do. So from now on, I will try to stop complaining and try to exploit every opportunity I get as much as I can. I am sure this strategy will soon or later pay off and in the meanwhile I will enjoy the journey. Yep, because as I said before, being positive about life is the key.
  4. Be kind to people: be kind to your neighbor who had a difficult day, be kind to the waiter who is trying his best his first day of service and be kind to your friends even when they are moody. Yes because kindness makes people around you feel better but it also makes you feel more satisfied with yourself. And the great thing is that it doesn’t cost anything! A smile, a compliment, a nice word, it is something we can all handle with no difference.


I guess these few points will also be part of my 2017 resolutions that I am planning to write over next week. I can’t believe one year also already passed by and summer is closer, yuppie!

Hope you all have a wonderful week,



Well deserved relax

Heya everyone, how’s life going?

I am pretty tired. Seriously guys, I’m super tired. These first couple of weeks at uni have been so hectic and I feel as I need to refuel a bit but there’s still so much  I have to do, so I won’t have time to stop and relax until Christmas holidays. I guess it’s life, but it’s all good because I won’t have any chance to feel bored. But this is also why while I was scrolling down the pictures on my phone and I happened to the ones I took when I was at the Milan hot springs I started daydreaming. After a good ten minutes of staring at the pictures I decided that I couldn’t do it anymore (it was too painful) and I took action. I put down my phone and got to my readings again. But while I was doing it, I actually thought it would be a good idea to share my experience with you guys here on the blog and let you know how great the hot springs are.

Address QC Terme Milano: Piazzale Medaglie D’Oro 2, Milan

The hot springs are called QC Terme Milano and they are placed close to Porta Romana underground station. It is easier and quicker to get there by tube than by car. It was my second time there so I knew what to expect. My boyfriend and I arrived around 9 am (tip: make sure you book in advance if it’s a weekend) and we could enjoy a very tasty and healthy breakfast before diving into a relaxing day. There are not too many facilities because the structure is not too big, but it is very well designed and comfortable. Outside there are around three/four hot water pools where you can enjoy whirlpools and small waterfalls. There is also the so called ‘Wellness Tram’ which is an old city tram wagon transformed into a very nice bio-sauna. It is very quiet and cozy inside it. As you exit the wagon, a marble bath tub full of very cold water is waiting for you to tone your muscles up. In the space outside there are also some aromatic plants and places to sit down and chill.

Inside, there are no pools but only relaxing rooms, saunas and steam baths (not a huge fun of them, seriously too hot). Personally, my favorite space is the  ‘Room of the fire’ where there are some big and very comfortable nests where you can lie down and enjoy the silence. If you are more a water person, don’t worry because there are also two rooms with a water theme where you can lie down on a wobbly waterbed. To finish, you can book some beauty events that will clean and energize your skin.



The best part of the Terme (nice Italian name for hot springs) is without any doubt the light buffet where you can find all the healthy but tasty things such as vegetables, fruits, cookies, honey and chocolate breadsticks (literally in love with them). Ah we can’t forget the lovely vanilla yoghurt with granola. I would live on those if I could. And the most joyful part is that the buffet will be there for the entire day which means you’re allowed to eat at whatever hour you want without judgement. Love it. If you’re not happy with the buffet you can even order sushi (as we did) or pasta. There’s plenty of choice.


I really enjoyed my day at the Terme ad even if I felt very tired when I got home I was actually very relaxed and distressed. A day like this is something that I need every now and then to recharge my batteries and move on to the next big thing. Now I can just crave it while I am watching the winter soon approaching and the cold getting harsher every day. Oh well I will treat myself with a good cinnamon hot chocolate and a Grey’s Anatomy episode.

Good night guys, sleep tight 🙂


Thinking back in time

Hi guys, I’m back! This time I decided to write a short post about myself and about this year. Over these months, since I started university in England, I’ve been running and running and I actually never stopped to think.

Today I was reading a very cool blog and I decided to write something about myself. I decided to stop for a while and reflect upon what I actually achieved in the last few months.

Well, where to start? First of all, I have to say it’s been a very stressful, but interesting year at uni. It’s not been easy studying abroad and getting used to all the new cultural things, such as food, people, way of studying…But finally I can say that I found a way of surviving and a balance, fortunately. I really like my subject of studying because it’s very creative and it’s a lot about images, which is what I love most in this world! So, I’ve finished this year with a great first class degree (which of course I’m super happy of) and now I can really enjoy my summer here in Italy. I’ve been missing Italy a lot, all my friends, family and my city. So, when I came back I completely immersed myself in the cozy Italian atmosphere.

I’ve been very lucky ’cause I managed to find a job that I like and that fills up my weekdays. Then over the weekend I have time to spend with my adorable boyfriend and my friends, walking around Milan. Actually, I really like how Milan developed in the recent years. It blossomed from being a grey and foggy place to a very nice and intense city. You can find many different cool shops, restaurants, art spaces, museums and I love it!

From this week I’m on holiday because the place where I work closed for the summer holidays and now I’m free to enjoy the sun and creativity! I decided to do some creative stuff this week  and I’m gonna get ready for my holiday to Croatia as well. You’re gonna see a couple of new posts about it in the next few days. I’m really excited to go and I’m looking forward to the beautiful sea and nice food.

So well, this was a very weird post. I probably just wanted to write down what I’ve been and I’m up to over these months. Since I didn’t have much time to realize what I did and what I’m doing, it’s nice to have a written remainder! I’m really happy I got a first at uni because it was a huge challenge for me and I put so much effort in it! Moreover, I’m glad I got a summer job, the first of my entire life I guess, and I can go on holiday with my friends to relax after this long year. I am grateful for all these amazing things and I just realize when I think about it, how LUCKY I am. I guess it’s important to think about it once in a while, it helps you to refuel and get energized for the next challenges.

Well, that’s it for now and I hope you didn’t get bored reading the same things over and over, but the idea of this post is to get you guys think about what you have achieved and be happy for that, be satisfied with yourself. Once you have stopped for a moment and thought how great you are for all the things you have done, you can look forward and achieve many other great objectives in the future.